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Shepperton Florist Flowers by Occasion
Our Shepperton Florists pleasant flower bouquets are simply the finest presents you could ever give to your neighbours, friends, family members, or your loved ones in general. Our flower arrangements are fashionably and elegantly crafted with countless varieties which will absolutely fit all occasions. This includes exquisite bouquets of roses for romantic and passionate moments, sweet germini flowers and carnations for congratulating colleagues, and bouquets of sunflowers and amaryllis plants for turning your day bright and cheerful. Regardless of the occasion, our Shepperton Florist has what you’re searching for right here!
Things our Customers Say
Sam Mcgree

4 months ago

Beautiful flowers, delivered on time. Very happy with the service received.
Andy Slowey

4 months ago

Called me within minutes as there was a mixup with the flowers I ordered on their website not being available as out of season. Put together a stunning display with the same colours and delivered all on time with no fuss! Excellent service.
Sylvia Watt

7 months ago

Ordered flowers as a thank you for my Daughter today 15th August. There had to be a slight change to the order but it was delivered to Weybridge almost immediately and my Daughter was delighted with them. Good service and attention.
Holly Knowlson Bonner

a year ago

After a minor hiccup with the flowers, which Laura very professionally sorted, we received BEAUTIFUL vibrant flowers. Great customer service!! and stunning flowers, definitely recommend!
Having much exposure in the field of flowers, our local flower shop, Daisy Chain Florist is the best partner for all of your flower needs. We are a family company that has almost 25 years of experience in the industry. Thus, we are sure to meet your expectations every time. We assure you that we are highly knowledgeable in the field of floral arrangement and design.

Daisy Chain has been an experienced Shepperton florist that offers services from quite gigantic charms for film sets and television setups at Shepperton studios to county weddings all over the places of Surrey and Middlesex. We are ever steadfast in beating your expectations every time you purchase elegant and luxury bouquets for a wedding or even the simplest flower arrangement for casual events.

Whenever you plan to purchase flowers online, our Shepperton Florist otherwise named as Daisy Chain Floral Designers is the perfect place. We have the finest flower shop that is applauded for its superior service. Our flower shop in Shepperton can supply your gifts to your loved ones promptly. We are the only online flower shop that is highly recommended for our superior services. With our outlet across Shepperton, we can deliver your gifts to your loved ones the soonest possible time.

It is always our wish to bring happiness and contentment to our customers. We have a list of endless services to make our flower delivery extra special to our customers. Our friendly delivery service team is sure to handle your orders with care. For same-day delivery, you should place your order before 11 am.

We give recognition and importance to all of our customers by bringing the best services in town. Our flower shop has been serving many clients throughout the years of being in the industry which is demonstrated by the quality of our displays. 

Shop now at our Daisy Chain Floral Designers based at 6 Station Approach, Shepperton, on the right side by the most line station in Middlesex. Daisy Chain Florist is open 6 days a week. You may place an order online on or before 11 am from Monday to Saturday and our flower delivery service will arrive at your doorstep on the same day. Feel free to contact us on 01932 244710 or email us at for inquiries, comments and suggestions.

Daisy Chain Floral Designers also facilitate in wedding events. Just visit their website to find more wedding flowers.

A Little History of Shepperton

Shepperton is an average-sized residential village in Spelthorne, Surrey, England. It is located 15 miles southwest of Charing Cross, London, along the Thames on the south and the east which is intersected in the northwest by the M3 motorway. Shepperton lies halfway between the towns of Chertsey and Sunbury-on-Thames. It was a rural village according to the document from 959 AD and in the Domesday Book.

Shepperton means “Shepperd’s habitation” as indicated from the history summary of 1994 and it is translated into Saxon language as “Sceapheard-ton”. The habitation was found in the document of 959 AD as “Scepertune” which was from the book Middlesex. Shepperton has notable conservation areas such as Church Square in Old Shepperton, Lower Halliford, and Manygate Lane.

This unique church Square can be reached through a short and winding lane from High Street. According to Nikolaus Pevsner, the view looking towards the south-east of the square with its now recorded buildings and river opening is “one of the most picture-perfect things of the village”. It also offers two pub diners and two hotels: the Anchor Hotel and the Warren Lodge Hotel. Likewise, the King’s Head public house is also found on this little square.

Lower Halliford is a near but separate community in town. It’s a half-consumed river bend due to erosion east of the Shepperton Conservation Area.

Manygate Lane is famous for its vast field land and large houses bought by Lyon Homes from landowner and developer Edward Scott in the 1950s. These estates of buildings on this street are in a conservation area for proving a successful modular development in various architectural designs. It consists of white-painted buildings with terrace, and white panelled public landscaped wide front gardens of flowers by Swiss architect Edward Schoolheifer. The village is also home to Shepperton Studios, a film studio located in Shepperton, Surrey, England with a history dating back to 1931.

On the 1801 Census, the population of Shepperton was 731. By 2011, the population was 9.753 living in 4.301 households. It also has a list of notable residents from the past and the present

Indeed, Shepperton is more than a residential village. It is a must-visit destination among tourists, both local as well as international. As the tourism industry developed in the area, several shops also opened. One of them is the Daisy Chain Floral Designers. This local florist is known for providing simple basic flower arrangements to the grandest creative floral designs witnessed in the history of this town.

We Promise
Competent and Innovative
Shepperton Florist always guarantees to offer our customers the very finest floral creativities which will surpass everyone’s expectations. We promise that it is only in Shepperton Florist that these floral creativities are truly unique and impressive.
Freshest Blooms Guaranteed
At Shepperton Florist, we promise that you can find the garden-fresh and finest array of flowers that we directly purchase from our suppliers.
Passion for Flowers

Flower Academy

Daisy Chain | Shepperton Florist
Being so experienced in flowers is a valued thing. You may not be quite as involved in the floriculture industry or a cut-flower industry, but knowing flowers is a good start for you to appreciate them. You can learn how these flowers are taken care of to last longer and how these flowers affect the lives of people who are passionate about taking care of flowers. Happy reading in our Daisy Chain flower magazine, surely you can gain more facts about flowers.

Care Tips

southampton the flower shop care tips
It is likely to see flowers around and we advise that everyone will use care tips to enhance the lifespan of the flowers so they can be enjoyed longer. If you want to know more about caring for your flowers, we have care tips for you. Get yourself acquainted with flower care by reading our Daisy Chain flower care tips. Hurry and apply our care tips on tending to flowers.
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