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Flowers are one of the best natural miracles created. Flowers cannot be missed at any event because they are the ones that bring life and colour to the occasion. Unique flower styling brings good vibrations to any venue and flower bouquets add splendid vibrances to the place. Follow our care tips to make your cut flowers have a longer lasting freshness and longer life span.

Guide and Tips to care flowers:

Clean your Vase
In preventing the growth of bacteria and viruses, always clean your vase meticulously because these bacteria and viruses can cause the wilting and drying out of your cut flowers. Never dry your vase without thoroughly cleaning it as the germs might spread and this could wilt your fresh flowers. It is best to use a quarter of warm water when cleaning your vase.
Change Water Regularly
It is essential to change the water from the vase and only use a good amount of it to prevent drying out your flowers. To maintain the flower’s freshness, change water from time to time when you notice that it has been many days of not changing it. This will help your flowers bloom beautifully and can also prevent your flowers from having a foul smell caused by dirty water.
Clean and Healthy Water
It is good to have nutritious water for your flowers. Add a little amount of sugar into the water. This helps nourish the flowers and boosts the opening of the blooms. Also, put a little mixture of vinegar or lemon into the water as it can hinder the growth of bacteria and viruses. Just make sure to stir it properly. For sure, your flowers will have long-lasting freshness.
Remove lower leaves
Leaving the leaves of the stems near or inside the water is not a good idea. Remove all the leaves at the outer part of the flowers so that the stems can absorb the water quickly without any barrier. Leaves must be taken off whether they are dry leaves or healthy leaves because they can hinder the absorption of water of the stem. It is also cleaner and very neat to see flowers without any leaves on the lower part of the stem. This ensures a clean look and not so messy.
Use Sharp Knife to Cut
Never use a dull knife or scissors in cutting the stems of the flowers because this can damage the tissue and stem of the flowers. Having bad cuts could cause difficulty for the stems in their water absorption process. It is recommended to cut the stems of the flowers an inch or two in a angle position while these are underwater for them to have quicker water absorption.
Keep in Good Temperature
Having a good temperature plays a big role in having fresh flowers. Always keep your flowers in a good temperature and do not put your cut flowers under direct sunlight to avoid them from wilting and drying out. Put your flowers in a not so very cool and not so very hot area or keep them in a draft-free place.
Keep Away from Toxic Environment
Flowers are very sensitive to pollutants so you must keep them away from toxic environments. They are elusive to cigarette smoke, poisonous materials, radiations, and toxic smells. It is very important to not place them in a filthy environment as this destroys your flowers’ beauty. Flowers need fresh and clean air to keep them blooming every moment of their lifespan. Having a dirty surrounding and air can also cause the gloominess of your flowers so you must keep and place them in a clean setting.
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